Blogging again :)

I am sorry, I have shamefully neglected this blog… But I will cath up with what I was doing lately and then hopefully keep you updaed on my upcoming projects.

As I was in India the last year for a gap year and came back at the beginning of january, I didn´t have that much time for creativity except when it came to finding a job and writing applications for uni. But I did do some small stuff:

I did some more naalbinding, this time I made some socks (which is anyway the only thing exept mittens the techique was used for historicaly); one pair with only a tiny shaft as bedsocks for myself and one pair with a knittet shaft (for more flexibility) as houseshoes for my sister. These are my ones, and I do really like them, they´re so warm and soft 🙂


I used the Oslo stitch for both of them and I so quite like the design it makes as a surface – a little like being cord being sewn together … The Oslo stitch is the easiest one, but, being me, I did of cause start with the difficult ones and only now tried the classical, easy Oslo stitch 😉 Here is a close up of the design it makes:


And I also did some knitting, as it is quite cold here still and the above socks are definitely too thick to be worn in shoes. So I am making these socks, but as yet I finished only one:


Yeah, I know, all I seem to have done are different red coloured socks 😉

And there is another thing I definitely want to tell you: I´ve got a new sewing machine 😀 And, actually, it is not new at all, but about 80 years old; it´s a Singer treadle sewing machine with lots of stuff still in the small drawers attached at both sides 😀

For example one foot, that makes up a whole hem in one go, so you don´t have to fold and in it first, just let the fabric run into the foot and out of it comes the finished hem 🙂 Ok, this sounds a little strange and I guess is hard to imagine, so here a few pictures:



And it is even possible to choose the width of the hem you are creating:


But there are still many pieces that I don´t have a clue on how to use them 😉

Ok, this was a long post with many things stuffed into it, but I hope you bore with me and from now on I´ll write more regularly 🙂


Nadelgebundene Stulpen

Weil ich in der Schule, in der ich hier in Indien arbeite und wohne, staendig barfuss oder in FlipFlops trage und ausserdem gerade Monsun ist, sind Socken eher unpraktisch, also habe ich aus einem Rest dicke Dochtwolle ein Paar Stulpen fuer die Fussgelenke gamacht:

Sehr angenehm zu tragen und gut waermend. Das einzige Problem ist, dass nadelgebundenes Gewebe (oder wie das dann heisst, ist ja nicht gewebt…) nicht allzu dehnbar ist; jedenfalls dieses nicht. Reicht aber so gerade.

Weil ich keine geeignete Nadel hatte und weder Holz noch Schnitzmesser, um mir eine zu machen, habe ich aus einem etwas festeren Katon (Muesliriegelpackung) acht ‚Nadeln‘ ausgeschnitten, vier ein ganz kleines bischen kleiner. Das Loch habe ich jeweils mit einem Locher reingestanzt. Dann habe ich die acht sehr platten Nadeln mit Tesa aufeinander geklebt, die etwas kleineren nach aussen, um ein bischen abgerundete Ecken zu erzeugen. Von den mittleren habe ich die Spitze abgeschnitten, so dass sie duenner ist, die Nadel aber durch die durchgehenden Aussenlagen eine glatte Aussenseite hat.



Hat ganz gut geklappt, damit zu Nadeln, hatte ich nicht gedacht.