Loopbraided friendship bracelets

As I am leaving India and the school I am working in soon, I started making friendship bracelets for all the children (55) with loop braiding 🙂 I already made 25:


I used the technique described here – it’s the braid number 4

To get the different designs on the braids I used different ways of combining the colours on the loops – as I did so many, I had the chance of trying out whatever came to my mind and by that understanding the pattern making on the loopbraids much better.If you also want to do some, here are the set ups for some of the braids I did:

some more easy ones with normal loops and divided loops all in the same colour combination:


a little more difficult ones with divided loops in different colour combinations:


and a close up of the finished bracelets, in the same order as above:


If you want to learn more about loopbraiding, check out this great website 🙂



Right on the next day I finished the piece that is to lie on the shoulder – but my internet connection was so bad since, that I wasn’t able to post it:










I sewed it by hand, because I was to lazy, to set up the sewing machine for such a mall piece 😉

As you see better in the detail picture, I put it into folds, so that the shoulder piece would be wider than the rest of the handle. I sewed it from inside and then closed the seam along it length from the outside with tiny, nearly invisible stitches.