The jacket for my cousin is finished, so here comes the next project: Making two bags, a bigger shopping bag and a small one just for the purse, phone, keys etc. 🙂

I bought some nice fabrics and a border and this is my plan for the two bags:

CIMG0070Sorry, its a little dark and the labels are in german, but with the flash you couldn’t see anything.

The bigger bag is to be big enough for an A4 size paper or book to fit in. The smaller one is to be about 10 by 15 cm big (or small…).


This are the fabrics I bought and the idea on how to use them on the bags:Bild

The red and yellow one are a cotton-silk mix, the green one is raw silk. The yellow is actually a very greenish one and the dreen is also more green and not as yellowish as it apears in the picture… But it’s always hard to get the colours right on a foto.


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