Holiday knitting 2

Sorry, I published this by mistake on my other Blog, which made it an even longer time till I wrote something here again…


India is a good Country for knitting while traveling if you ignore the dirt – you are sure to have loooong bus or train travels, where you find many undisturbed hours in a row to knit 🙂 On one bus drive I knitted throughout the night (the whole night!) and finished one of the two front pieces in one go; I was sitting in a government bus from munnar to mysore, which took the whole afternoon and night 😉

The three weeks afterwards on the other hand I didn’t find too much time for knitting; but now the sweater is nearly finished 🙂

I also found some hours to spare for the burgundian dress: I finished the collar as far as I could without attaching it to the as yet nonexistent dress. I really enjoy the sewing – I didn’t expect that… Also, I didn’t expect, that it would be so easy to such small and regular stitches; on the sewing machine I use a bigger pacing… 😉


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