The arm doesn’t fit! Oh, it does…

After one side-seam to try the sewing by hand on the real dress, I did the one arm I had already cut out and when I tried it on, it didn’t fit! And I had already done all the cutting of the seam allowances and flat felling of them, so that it would have been difficult to change them… But then I remembered, that I didn’t yet put in the gore that was to go into the uppermost 10 cm of the arm 😉 so the whole thing was all right, as the lower bit of the arm was already fitting perfectly.


As I had planned, I now used a smaller length for the stitches – they are about 1 to 2 mm long. I mainly used running stitch and every 10 cm or so I used backstitch for about 2 cm, so that even should th thread break, it would not leave a big whole. I think the 10 cm are more than enough though; on the next seams of the skirt I’ll use much less, because I do not think it that necessary and it will take less time.

On the Arm I used the backstitch for reinforcement around the wrist, witch is narrow and gets some strain when I put on the dress, on the elbow and the Armpit/ back of the arm, as the seam runs behind and not under the arm.


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