Babyset finished :)

I finally finished the Jacket for my new little cousin 🙂 Because of the raspberry design on the body and the arms it had taken me quite long, but now it is all finished, the seams are closed and all the lose ends of threads are sewn in. I think, all in all, knitting things for Babies is still more fun, than a sweater for an adult, because it is so much more quick to finish 🙂 (ok, admittedly, it really depends on the design and the thickness of the yarn…)


I don’t have any Buttons here with me at the moment, so my mother will have to add them, when she comes visiting in a month and takes it back to Germany to my uncle.


And here a picture of the finished set:IMAG1045


I used only 220g of the wool, instead of the 350g they approximated in the instuctions; so now my uncle can decide, if he wants something else to go with the set, a second jacket, or whatever out of the leftover wool 🙂


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