Lazy?! Some nearly finished stuff

Sorry, I didn’t post anything for some time… But the Jacket for my little cousin took some time, as the design slows you down a bit in your knitting speed. But that wasn’t the only problem – because the knitted bit was only growing slowly, I fear I lost my enthusiasm a little and didn’t knit as often/ as long each as I could have…

But now at least the design part is finished (body and arms), and of the shoulders I already finished half yesterday 🙂 That part goes so much faster.

But I also nearly finished the Harpcase! I sewed the parts of the outer Layer and the lining together respectively; I still don’t have a fabric for the padding, so that I just made two separate bags that are to be connected, when the padding is in between at the whole top seam.

I was happy, that the harp actually did fit in, as it had been difficult to make a pattern for it, because all the edges are slanting in a different directions, so that the main planes of the case are somewhat twisted… (The top edge going steep down, the bottom edge coming slightly up and somewhat to the outside)


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