More Loop Braids!

Inspired by this website I made some more complex Loopbraids:


This is a nine-loop flat braid as explained here on the above linked website.

I used a ‚handshake start‘ to make that nice loop at the beginning – you link one half of the loops through the others and start by braiding them individually for a bit; first the one and then the other (here a square four-loop and a square five-loop braid). Than you put all loops onto the fingers and continue with the nine-loop braid.

One thing you need to look out for, that I didn’t do properly, is that both the thin braids should be of the same length when you join them. In the example above you see the colourfull braid is longer than the red one…

After the Loop at the beginning I did a square braid for some centimeters and than opened the braid up into a flat one, wich has a width of about 8mm.


In the next braid I tryed out some more of the braiding possibilities with nine loops. I started again with a square braid,  in the middle pic you see the top/ bottom and in the right one the sides. This time the starting loop worked out better 🙂



I’ll only include the parts of the braid, that I liked; some Ideas that I tried just didn’t work out and some stuff from tutorials I didn’t really like.

One braid from a tutorial (click me) is a so called Unorthodox Braid (number two in the linked page) and I do quite like the way both the front and back have a nice design of their own:

Pic’s coming…

Next I tried to make something up myself and ended up with the following one: In the picture on the right you see the way I went with the small finger of the other hand through the loops (following the green thread) to take the thumb loop of this hand. Than I walked up all the loops and did the same for the other side. The two pictures (left and middle) show the top and bottom side of the braid. It doesn’t really matter whether you take the thumb loop reversed or not, but it gives a nicer edge if you stick with one way (in the middle picture on the top it is reversed, on the bottom unreversed. If you look closely, there is s slight difference at the edge).


Next thing I tried to make was a five loop braid with two two-loop braids now and than connected to it, spiraling around each other. That didn’t quite work out. So I tried instead to make a seven loop braid with one two-loop braid connected to it once every colour repetition and that did work out 🙂


You only see it a little in the picture, but you could actually thread another two- or three-loop braid through the loops of the small braid at the side and use it for example at the top of a purse for drawing it together.







A little later I found this website, witch has great descriptions of historically described braids. The braid I did is this one; it has eight loops.Bild

For all the braids I used embroidery floss, which worked out quite well, I think.


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