I have played for some time with the idea of making my own case for my harp, as the one I have for it is actually a bit too big and its not well cushioned. Especially for the flight back to Germany (I’m in India) I want a case that looks small (so I’ll be allowed to carry it as hand luggage) and that protects the harp from all the hits it’s going to take in the airport and on the plain.


So my plan was to make a closely fitting bag, that is lined with one or two layers of woolen blanket.

I already found a nice fabric, which has a green-golden colour and is made of 60% Silk and 40% Cotton. I wasn’t looking for Silk, but in India you get is very easily. It is 110cm wide and was 380 Rupees per Meter, which is something around 4,50 Euro.


On the back of the Case I wanted to do some embroidery and came up with the following pattern:


IMAG0884 For the embroidery I used the shuttle-thread of the fabric – the more golden part of the fabric. The weft is a thin green Yarn, which gives the whole fabric this nice colourchanging appearanc. In the picture the colour doesn’t really show.

It is a single yarn (not twistet together out of multiple strands) and frays quite easily, so that I used quite short bits of yarn for the embroidery.


Because the design has quite many points and curves, I used whipped backstitch, which takes points and curves very well:

whipped backstichFirst you do backstitch (first picture) and than you just take the thread through the stitches you made, without piercing the fabric (second pic).


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